Top 5 Best RV Toilets Reviews in 2024

​RV toilets are so hard to choose, when considering your needs and other things like comfort, material, water access and so on. I wanted to make a list of some of the best RV toilets out there to help others find the perfect fit for their needs. Since there are so many RV toilets to choose from, I had to break them up and choose one for each “category”.

​I will probably have to do a more in depth article or articles on the different RV toilets available and have some of the best cassette models, full height models, ceramic model, etc. For now, this is what I came up with:

Best RV Toilets Reviews

The Best Ceramic Rv Toilet

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This 310 Series Standard Height Toilet from Dometic is a great deal for RV owners out there looking for a sturdy, full height commode. Since it’s from Dometic, you can rest assured that this toilet is optimally designed for the needs of your RV or mobile home.

The Dometic 310 comes with the brand’s best-in-class gravity flush system that swirls water around the bowl from specially-mounted jets, leaving no residue to clean after.

The tall, ergonomically measured height lets taller occupants settle in and rise up with ease. The bowl is a hundred percent vitreous ceramic, ensuring a hygienic, non-porous low maintenance finish that lasts of years..

The kit even comes complete with everything you need to get started, including hardware and bolts. That said, you might want to opt to upgrade the plastic bolts to metal ones, as well as find a better, soft-close lid if that’s your preference. The kit comes with a foot-operated flush, with an optional hand spray attachment.

Next, The Best Porcelain Rv Toilet

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​This Aqua Magic Porcelain Toilet from Thetford is a great fixture for motor-home and RV owners who want a full-height commode that’s still compact enough for a small bathroom.

No need to settle for cheap plastic seats here, as this Thetford kit already throws in a china bowl for an entry level price. It even comes with an easy-to-clean, sanitary seat with a special anti-microbial finish that keeps out mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria.

The flush on this Thetford commode is surprisingly powerful, with water jets washing off residue from the entire bowl for a spotlessly clean toilet with every flush. Specially-designed flush valves wipes clean with every use, protecting the seal from​ water for years worry-free use.

The height is just right even for taller occupants, unlike low-profile toilets that will take some effort getting up from. The higher profile also places the foot pedal at a convenient spot right at front and at the base of the unit, for an easy flush with one heel.

Up Next, The Best Rated Rv Toilet

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The 310 Series Low Profile Toilet from Dometic is a perfect fit for RV and mobile bathrooms with not much ceiling room to spare.

Despite the low-profile designation, this unit is still tall enough to accommodate a foot-operated flush pedal, which itself can fit an optional hand spray attachment..

This European-style commode would not look out of place in a residential home, and the flush is not far off either thanks to its powerful jets that swirl water all over the bowl for a quick, quiet rinse. Even with the reduced height, the 310 still has a full-sized, elongated bowl that easily accommodates taller occupants once they’re settled in.

Like the rest of the 310 series, this commode comes as a hundred percent vitreous ceramic bowl that remains hygienic and easy-to-clean for years. This kit also comes with everything needed out of the box, a pleasant change from the usual bundles that have you scrambling to buy a flange seal or bolts after opening the box.

Fourth On The List, The Best Full Size Rv Toilet

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This 34429 Aqua Magic Style Plus Toilet from Thetford is a surprisingly sleek kit that would look like it belongs in a modern residential bathroom, bringing an upscale feel to your mobile or RV.

The stylish design is very functional as well, rising to full height as it accommodates even the taller occupants.

Coming standard with the Thetford Style Plus line of mobile toilets is their antimicrobial seat, which inhibits the growth of molds and odor-causing bacteria.

This hygienic seat goes over the Aqua Magic’s china bowl, making the whole thing a breeze to clean.

As a full-height toilet, it has a hands-free foot operated flush pedal at the base, easily operated with a heel even while sitting down. Just one press is enough to dispose of solid mass with its powerful flush that swirls over the entire surface of the bowl, giving it a thorough rinse with every use.

Finally, The Best Rv Cassette Toilet

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The 32812 Cassette Toilet from Thetford is perfect for toilet bathrooms that see heavy use, as the removable cassette tank comes with 5-inch wheels and a generous, 10-inch pull handle for easy removal and reinstall.

The shape of the 32812 also makes it easy to position it into the smallest of RV bathrooms, as well.

This model of Thetford’s cassette toilet is a fully stand-alone commode, with an internal water tank integrated in for flushing. The ease with which the waste storage cassette is recycled makes this perfect not just for mobile homes and RVs, but also for cabins, portable toilets and other portable toilet facilities that see frequent use.

Being a compact toilet for mobile installations, this unit is lower than full-height toilets, although it’s not yet in the low-profile category. It’s also not that great a fit for users that need ADA compliant commodes, but it’s a better compromise than settling for a low-profile seat for the smallest of mobile bathrooms. Just be mindful that you leave some space to pull out the cassette on the left hand side.

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